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Legal information
Robert Mackenzie of Milnmount, V of Ardloch

In 1826 Lieut-Col. Alexander Mackenzie, eldest son of Colonel Robert Mackenzie of Milnmount, assumed the dormant baronetcies of Tarbat and Royston ALEXANDERMACKENZIE OF ROYSTON CROMARTY TARBET GRANDVILLE, despite their having been forfeited under attainder in 1763. On his death without issue in 1841 his only brother Sir James Sutherland Mackenzie also assumed the titles. He died unmarried and insane on the 24 November 1858. The claim to which the present documents relate does not appear to have been pursued, and the baronetcies have remained dormant. The twelve items in this collection are in good condition, on aged paper, with occasional slight wear. Items Eleven and Twelve may be unconnected. ONE to THREE. Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'Helen Filmer') from the Dowager Lady Filmer to King. All from 32 Chapel Street, Belgravia; 29 November and 2 and 20 December 1858. Totalling 5pp., 12mo, and the last two on mourning paper. All relating to her uncle's claim. In the first letter she writes: 'Inclosed is a part of a pedigree of my Uncle the only brother of my Mother, he is Heir-presumptive to a Sr. James Sutherland Mackenzie, a distant Cousin, who died on the 24th. Inst. at Kensington. My Uncle is now in Van Dieman's Land or Tasmania and trusts to me, & another friend to do all we can to secure his rights, in case of Sir J. S. Mackenzie's death - [.] The Title wd. be nothing, but there is a Hundred or two in the funds left to support the Title, wch. would be a great boon to my Uncle.' FOUR. The pedigree referred to in One, 'copied 29th Novr. 1858 | H[elen]. F[ilmer].' 2pp., 12mo. FIVE. Pedigree by King tracing the descent of 'Alexander Mackenzie | now in Tasmania or Van Diemens Land | only son 1858' and other sto the Earl of Seaforth. 1p., landscape foolscap 8vo. Folded up into a packed and docketted, under heading 'Mackenzie', with memoranda beginning: 'Saturday 5th Dec 1858 | Mr Carlisle called'. Last entry for 18 December. SIX. Draft copy of Autograph Letter Signed from King to William Anderson, Marchmont Herald. H[eralds] C[ollege]; 9 December 1858. 2pp., 4to. 'Will you kindly tell me what your charge will be for answering the Queries attached to the accompanying pedigree? My client is not desirous of incurring much expense'. The second page carries a brief Mackenzie family tree. SEVEN. Autograph Letter Signed ('Wm. Anderson | Marchmont Herald') from Anderson to King at the Herald's College, London. 53 General Register House, Edinburgh; 14 December 1858. 2pp., 12mo. Enclosing his 'Answers to your Queries' (Item Six), and with the second page carrying his itemised account, totalling £1 2s 8d. 'I should think, if the matter is properly followed up, by ascertaining the limitations of the different Patents, on the assumption that the Pardons removed all bar, and afterwards establishing the Claimants descent by Service, a Baronetcy would be got, and appearances really invite a fair trial.' EIGHT. 'Memorandum of Queries from Thomas W. King Esq. York Herald, and answers by William Anderson, Marchmont Herald | Edinburgh 13th December 1858'. 3pp., folio. 'Drawn & reported by | [signed] Wm. Anderson | Marchmont Herald'. NINE. Unsigned autograph memorandum by King. 18 December 1858. 1p., 12mo. 17 lines. Begins: 'Wrote to W. J. Carlisle Esq | 8 New Sq. Linc Inn | Sent him copy of the pedigree of the Baronets line with that of the Claimant's connection (as previously sent to Mr Anderson); also a copy annexed thereto of Mr Anderson's Report in answer to my 3 Queries.' TEN. Autograph Letter Signed ('W J Carlisle') from the solicitor W. J. Carlisle to King. On letterhead of 8 New Square, Lincolns Inn; 21 December 1858. 1p., 12mo. He has returned from Wales to find King's 'letter and Pedigree', and will 'carefully consider what you so soundly and ably have proposed'. ELEVEN. 'Carta Con: dnj Ricardi Prestoun de Haltrie militis. | dated 8th. June 1609', nineteenth-century copy by 'David Robertson, Solicitor, London'. 39pp., foolscap 8. N° de ref. de la librería 12561